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DMJ has mastered the art of bouncing back. We have the knowledge, the technology and the personal commitment to restore your property in a timely professional manner so you can get back to pursuing your dreams.

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The First Important Steps To Take Following Your Loss

1. Contact your home insurance provider immediately to notify them of the damages to your home.

2. Select a company who will act as your advocate.

A Contractor Who Understands the Home Insurance Process

Many insurance carriers have a list of contractors that they might strongly suggest that you deal with and most of the time this will work effectively. The downside of this is that if you choose to go with a contractor that receives the majority of their work from insurance referrals,  you may find that they do not have the desire to aggressively pursue your adjuster for the approvals and or funding for your project. Wouldn’t you rather have a contractor that will put your needs first and work hard to maximize your benefit, as the homeowner? DMJ Restorations has a staff of professionals who are adept at working with insurance companies, having a staff that has done it for many, many years. We will put you, the home owner first!

In the state of Texas you can choose your contractor but always remember: you will be best served by utilizing the services of a company that is fluent in the language of the insurance world. This includes estimating in the format utilized by your insurance carrier. DMJ Restorations is that company.

3. Take sensible steps to protect your home from additional damage and keep the receipts for the work. Once your adjuster gets involved in your claim these expenses may be covered within the cost of the claim.

4. Be prepared to fund your deductible. While you are fully responsible for your deductible and are required to pay it fully by law, there are are a good number of discounts that may be available to you. At DMJ we know how the process works.


Picking the right contractor will make the process as painless as possible. At DMJ we know the industry and have licensed adjusters on staff to insure that your project receives the attention it deserves. We work hard each and every day to help our customers realize their individual goals, making it our business to save money and maximize the restoration process.

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