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A Breakthrough Water Runoff Solution!

We can offer you a long-term solution: a patented product that outperforms all other antiquated and less effective materials.

The Problem

Homeowners in Texas  battle with trying to identify a way to keep the rainwater from pooling right outside their home. Or, they grow concerned every time it rains, as whole sections of the existing path can possibly be disintegrated.


Made to Order Solution

Would you like to have a beautiful, environmentally friendly and Texas-tough pathway or traffic area installed around your home or property? One that absorbs water like sand while providing a solid, natural, long lasting walking surface? Tired of suffering water issues every time a rainstorm hits? We have an affordable solution for you!

As a stone path and walkway protectant, our solution allows water to drain your outdoor surfaces during even the most brutal of storms while remaining intact.

ADA Compliant and Much More

We offer the most effective polyurethane/aggregate solution for path and walkway protection. Our patented product stands apart for its durability, beauty, ease of application, and eco-friendly properties.

  • ADA compliant—the cured polyurethane resin glues the touch points of the stone together, forming a cohesive surface that allows wheelchairs to roll with ease.
  • Permeable—Because only the touch points of the stones are glued together, void space remains between the stones and allows water to drain through or evaporate from the pathway.
  • Aesthetically superior—Pea gravel and other aggregates offer a textured look to pathways that concrete and pavers cannot.
  • Durability—Much stronger bond created than non-polyurethane binders. Capable of withstanding heavy use and vehicular traffic. Resistant to chemical degradation. Resistant to stress caused by freeze/thaw conditions in colder climates.
  • Certified by Green Building Council—Kingstone Paths has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2009.