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The term “master suite” implies that the space is a lot more than merely a bedchamber and bath. While the overall size of some new homes floorplans drop, the master area seems to demand more attention than ever.

The design of a master suite ought to exhibit very close attention to detail so as to fit the client’s lifestyle and become a retreat. A master suite might feature a large, walk-through closet with built-in cabinets, a fireplace, and close proximity to the utility room. The master bath could be accomplished in a natural, earthly design, with large stone tiles on the floors and stacked stones on accent walls.

Here’s an example of a Master Suite Checklist:

A. Oversized brick patterned stone tiles that with radiant heat
B. Vessel sinks with faucets installed in walls
C. Stacked stone accompanied by accent walls
D. Water stream soaking tub
E. Custom stone shower with rain feature and wall jets
F. Private lavatory room with urinal and stacked wood on walls
G. Staircase resulting in secluded area
H. Skylights
I. Floor-to-ceiling windows to draw in natural light
J. Fireplace in boudoir
K. Spacious pass-through closet
L. Located near laundry

Laundry areas are often found beside the master bath. For those clients who are empty nesters, the master suite has evolved into a retreat that almost becomes a self-contained living area. While the following designs for master suites vary in size and amenities, each pays careful focus on efficient and functional details.