“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” (Anne Frank)

Life is about meeting challenges head-on. Someone once said that if you run from your problems you will be running all of your life. If you run toward them, like David did toward Goliath, God will help you experience victory. Here at DMJ, we savor the opportunity to play a lead role in re-building people’s dreams, using the gifts God has given us. In that regard, we are not unlike countless Texans who stepped out of their comfort zone to help others in time of need. The echo of what we witnessed during during Hurricane Harvey still lives on.

“In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, people desperately sought help as they battled rising waters, lack of resources and access to safety. At one point there were 56,000 emergency calls in a span of 17 hours. In times of crisis, no one wants to be forgotten. The good news is that God never forgets about us or lets us out of His sight…”

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