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Does the young adult in your home need a bit more space and study room? Do you work from house?  Or maybe you just feel that you require another room for a special project that you wish to begin? Then the option is to transform and expand on your garage into a a dynamic, fully functional and inviting living space.

By turning your imagination loose on your garage, with the help of a professional, you can add amazing flair to your home, using the space that is already there. It does not matter what type of garage you own: removed or attached. The area above the garage can be transformed into a private home for your older kid, visitors or a granny flat for mom and dad.

You can convert your garage into your home office. You might surprise yourself and l find here the peace and quiet you always needed for your work but could never seem to attain. The brand-new addition can be converted into a music studio if you put some state of the art sound-proofing technology into the design.

In order to start preparing for your garage addition, first prep the area, come up with a budget plan and then work with a professional.  Contrary to first impressions, a garage conversion, like any other major renovation, is a complex project. We recommend that you employ employ a designer to assist you with the construction strategies. With that in mind, contact DMJ Restorations to set up your free consultation.