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Men: Have you and your spouse found yourselves left with a spare room when your last child leaves home?

Let’s face it: we hate to see our kids grow up. But it happens! The slow motion grind of adulthood kicks in and it is time for your kids to move on, spread their wings, and try their hand at life. What to do with that room they are vacating?

One thing is for sure: if you leave it as a shrine with walls covered in posters they may well want to return.. And while you may welcome that thought, especially if this is the last child to leave, being an empty-nester does come with benefits.

Transforming the extra room into the ultimate man cave is one option–and might be the first one that comes to mind to most dads. Yet there are other options that might be more pleasing to the lady of the house, and many options that benefit everyone concerned.

With that though in mind, here are a few ideas:

It’s an opportunity to rethink your home interior, starting with that room. Here are seven suggestions to think about– and they’re only slightly tongue-in-cheek.


Before you knock the idea, take a little time to consider it. All the activities that traditionally transpire in a man cave may already be happening in your living room. Maybe it is not a daft idea to have a separate TV room with all the sports channels on rotate.

Simply add a mini refrigerator and reclining armchair and reclaim your leisure life..


Let’s face it: we hate to see our kids grow up. But it happens! The slow motion grind of adulthood kicks in and it is time for your kids to move on, spread their wings, and try their hand at life.What to do with that room they are vacating?



Creating a fabulous ensuite bathroom, complete with soaking tub and bidet is another idea for that spare room.

Consider putting a door between the two rooms and turning it into a glamorous ensuite bathroom– the ultimate luxury if the bedroom is next to another bedroom. There may be enough space for a soaking bathtub plus separate shower and double vanity, or maybe you would prefer a sauna.

Good bathrooms, like kitchens, are an investment, but one that will need to be balanced against losing a bedroom.


Removing a wall between the bedroom and living area is a great way to increase the size of the room you spend easily the most amount of time in.

It may just provide that extra space you may want to commit to a new kitchen with an island, because like a lot of us, you have probably already checked out your space to see if you could accommodate one of these. Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen may well be a passion you can finally indulge.


This is an easy transition. All you need is a desk for the computer and printer, and a good chair. It also helps to have an abundance of natural light and a desk lamp for the evenings.

Consider adding a comfortable chair where you can enjoy a tea or coffee break. It’s also useful when other relative wander in for a spell of company, as they assuredly will. A sofa or chaise that can function as a bed is also a smart idea.


Imagine the joy of having the ability to contain hobby materials in one space, as opposed to having them spread throughout your property. Consider what shelving or built-in furniture would be helpful and have it customised to provide perfect storage. If your hobby is plant propagation.), (This may not be ideal.


If you turn your spare room into a gymnasium, you can dave loads of monet be eliminating your monthly gym fees. When the weather is bad or traffic rages, it also means there’s no excuse for not exercising.

Take a cue from the professionals and make the room interesting. Add a TV to the wall so you can see what you missed on Downton Abbey or Roseanne episodes or get into the game watching Monday Night Football while you get on the treadmill or exer-cycle.

For ultimate comfort you may wish to upgrade your HVAC unit for cooling in summer.


Most vacated rooms do result in being 2nd bedrooms or parlors, for obvious reasons. Why not make it a little more special, by opening it up to the outdoors?

Enlarging the size of the existing window area will also bring in more natural light, which is always welcoming. It may be so desirable, and the empty nest syndrome might be taking its toll on you emotionally. In that case, you may consider renting it out to a foreign exchange student.

Or, who knows? You may even wind up renting it to your 20-something when they are between relationships or career moves, or when they simply realize there’s no place like home sweet home!