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Now is the perfect time to get a step ahead of other homeowners in San Antonio and the Gulf Coast by locking into a schedule with a professional design/build team in order to get your house in tip-top shape for Spring season.

Here are four trending Spring ’18 remodeling projects to think about in your next home renovation:

Decks & Sunrooms

After being cooped up for months, you’ll want to get out in the fresh spring air. It’s great for getting Vitamin D-filled sunshine, hanging out with family or entertaining friends with a cookout.

Four season sunrooms can bring serenity and energy of nature, without inclement weather, pests, or other intrusions. A sunroom addition can also open the flow of your layout lending elegance and ease to your entertaining style. Energy efficient windows will make full use of the sun and create a window to the outdoor world 365 days of the year.

Kitchen Makeover

A full kitchen makeover and/or expansion can significantly improve the ambience of your home. An experienced design specialist can create a new kitchen with thoughtful details that will make it the centerpiece of your home.

Outdoor Kitchen

You may consider taking it to the next level by creating an outdoor kitchen if you enjoy grilling outdoors. Building an island around a grill in your backyard increases the amount of living space the entire family can enjoy. Building under an existing deck or adding a roof allows the space to get used during inclement weather.

Aside from having more space for relaxing and entertaining, outdoor kitchens provide the flexibility of not always cooking indoors and eating healthier. Grills, smokers and outdoor fireplaces/ovens are perfect for adventurous recipes and cooking techniques that are not as given to indoor cooking.

Outdoor kitchens are considered a luxury feature, which can increase your home’s value. For more tips, visit our blog 6 Considerations for Creating a Versatile Outdoor Kitchen.

Home Additions

A second story addition or first floor bump out can provide much needed space for growing families in crowded homes. Enlarging the footprint of your home with an extra bedroom, bathroom or Master Suite makeover is a sure winner. Planning for an addition now will allow it to be built during optimal weather.

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