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Home theater is a home cinema system that tries to reproduce video and audio in home that is of cinema quality and gives a real ‘cinema experience.’ A basic system could comprise of an arrangement of a DVD and CD player, a television and a set of speakers. According to the people in the consumer electronics industry, a home theater is primarily an integration of high quality video and surround sound.

The rapid development in audio and video technologies has lowered the prices of home theaters. This consequently has enabled a do-it-your-self enthusiast to experience a true digital home theater at his doorsteps. Passionate movie buffs can take the extra effort to build a room in the house, that functions as a home theater. To create a perfect listening environment, sophisticated acoustic design elements, like ‘room-in-a-room ‘construction, can be added to the system.

There exist two options for purchasing a home theater system. One can either, purchase and assemble various components, or purchase a home theater box kit.

A temporary system could be a basic arrangement of a foldable screen, a projector and a few speakers. These backyard home theaters are one of the favorites with outdoor parties.

A home theater design generally comprises of input devices, processing devices, audio output, video output, and proper ambience and atmosphere.

The audio output system consists a minimum of 2 speakers. Sub-woofer is important as it reproduces the bass audio frequencies.

The processing of the input devices is carried out by either an AV amplifier or a Preamplifier and sound processor. These are used for complex surround sound formats. Before forwarding it to the output devices, the user should first select the input device. Home theater input devices are sources of audio and video. Often, VHS (Video Home System) and Video game systems are also included.

A large HDTV (High Definition Television) forms the video output system. LCD TVs (Liquid Crystal Display Television), Video projectors, plasma TVs, rear-projection TVs, or a traditional CRT TVs are other available options.

Comfortable seats and proper arrangement of all the devices with respect to the seats is also important for that great ‘cinema experience ‘. Sound insulation for preventing sound from escaping the room and specialized walls for sound balancing within the room are a part of the higher end systems. Soundproofing, muted color tones and wall-coverings as well as split level features make for a cozy, inviting home theatre experience.