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Wide Plank hardwood flooring exudes elegance. More so than the stand-out aesthetic quality, wide plank hardwood bears a craftmanship appeal to it. When a wide plank hardwood floor is installed in a home or business, you can be sure that a certain level of dedication and craftsmanship went into choosing, creating, finishing and installing this amazing floor.

You may be asking, what is considered “wide plank hardwood?” Unlike 2 1/4″ and 3 1/4″ hardwood flooring, which is frequently described as strip flooring, wide plank hardwood is usually considered 5″ above and wide. Most industry professionals classify 4″ as a strip floor while many homeowners find 4″ being that happy-medium of a wide plank floor system.

Wide plank hardwood however, is MUCH wider. If you’re looking to add something special to your home, having a wide plank hardwood floor custom-milled for your home is definitely one way to go.

Outstanding Aesthetic Features of Wide Plank Hardwood

You can mix and match wide planks with strip planks for a custom look. The use of varying width floor planks date back to the 18th century, where it was common to alternate wide planks of Walnut hardwood and more narrow planks of Maple.

One key feature of wide plank flooring is their graining pattern. With strip flooring, you see the grains of the wood on a significantly smaller level. With wide plank hardwoods, you are able to see all the beautiful characteristics of the lumber in it’s most natural form; like where the inner core of the heartwood meets the outer sapwood, showing unique color variation; details like these are just a part of what makes a wide plank wood floor so appealing.

Choosing to install a wide plank hardwood floor in your home will  bring a high-end/old-world feel to all who enter.

While being super trendy, wide plank hardwood holds a classic, timeless style, the product of wide, thick planks cut from the continent’s abundant old-growth forests. Choosing to install a wide plank hardwood floor in your home will  bring a high-end/old-world feel to all who enter.

The WOW Factor: Going Large

Wide plank wood has the tendency to make the rooms appear deeper and larger. Regardless how big the space, the more seams shown on a floor, the busier the space looks, making a room actually feel smaller and cluttered. Wide-planks offer much fewer seams, leaving you with the natural look and beauty of the actual wood and its graining, rather than busy lines.

As recommended for all solid hardwood floors, subflooring MUST be at least 3/4″ thick, ensuring a proper installation.

Any flooring over 4″ MUST be both glued and stapled. As an industry standard, the wider the plank, the higher the percentage of adhesive coverage is needed during installation.

Wide plank floors need the time to acclimate completely, to the environment they’re going to be installed in because the wider the plank is, the more moisture it has the ability to hold. To ensure your wide plank flooring doesn’t buckle or shrink after it’s installed, allowing for proper acclimation time is extremely important.

You can purchase virtually any wood species in a wide plank. From domestic hardwoods like Oak and Maple, to beautiful exotics like Brazilian Teak and Acacia. It really is dependent on the availability and resources that the mills have.

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